From Stornello to Rap

From Stornello to Rap
From Stornello to Rap
the Roman Song in Italy and in the world
From Stornello to Rap
From Stornello to Rap | the Roman Song in Italy and in the world

Rome in the World indexes the 4th Edition of the "Dallo Stornello al Rap" Competition, an event that will invite young musicians (not over 35 years of age) the invitation to create new songs in Roman dialect, on any theme, or in Italian but speak of Rome and express its reality today.

The competition is open to any kind of music from pop to folk, melodic, rock, reggae, blues, jazz, up to rap.

The Competition is part of the artistic and cultural project of the same name created by the singer and actress Elena Bonelli, who has been engaged for 16 years to revive and spread the Roman Song in Italy and around the world.

The Competition aims to breathe new life into the Roman Song and aims to awaken in young people today their artistic skills aimed at creating a new song of the Capitoline trend.

The Jury, composed of authoritative names in the artistic-musical sector, will be asked to choose the three winners in a range of ten proposals. A prize money prize is allocated to the three winners.

The contest's creator, Elena Bonelli, explains: "In my rather varied career as an actress and singer, or better interpreter, I promote Italy through popular music.The goal is the recovery of the Roman song that I have proposed in a different key from the traditional one, bringing it closer to several generations ".

The prize pool amounts to € 1,500.00. On the basis of the unquestionable opinion of the jury of quality, which was previously expressed, in the final evening, the first place will be awarded a prize of € 750.00, the second ranked a prize of € 500.00, the third ranked a prize of € 250.00.