Cubo Festival 2017

Cubo Festival 2017
Cubo Festival 2017
A village of books
Cubo Festival 2017
Cubo Festival 2017 | A village of books

From May 25-28, 2017, in the wonderful medieval village of Ronciglione in the Province of Viterbo, will be held Cubo Festival, four days dedicated to literature and books with the great protagonists of Italian culture. There will be meetings with authors, publishing houses, artistic installations, children's spaces with reading labs. The Cubo Festival project has received the contribution of the Lazio Region, thanks to the participation of the Regional Notice "I Read". Many guests will be attending, from Valerio Magrelli, Massimo Onofri, Giorgio Nisini, Marco Cubeddu, Nicola Ravera Rafaele to Enrico Mannari and Manuel Anselmi. Over 20 publishers involved will introduce their authors and books.

During the 4 days of the event, 10 projectors will show on the walls of Ronciglione's village extracts from the great books, transforming the village into a big book where the spectators can walk through the ancient stones to read the texts that made history Literature and new contemporary authors. On May 26, the projectors will be used for Roberto Ferri's Art Projections. The well-known painter will project his works on the walls of the village, as in an art gallery.

The festival will also dedicate a lot of space to small children with reading workshops on great fairy tales, performances by street artists dedicated to Shakespeare's literary works and meetings with authors who will engage schools of every rank and rank. Thanks to the Libri Randagi initiative, realized in collaboration with Ronciglione's Coop, during the festival you will be able to adopt or abandon a book at the venues of the festival.

The festival is sponsored by the Lazio Region, the Municipality of Ronciglione, UnipolSai, Unicoop Tirreno and the Carivit Foundation and is entirely free of charge.

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