We are the art lenders

We are the art lenders
We are the art lenders
Crowdarts: the Italian platform for Performing Arts
We are the art lenders
We are the art lenders | Crowdarts: the Italian platform for Performing Arts

There is something new about Performing Arts. What is it? It is Crowdarts, the first European participatory financing platform dedicated to the world of artists. A startup all made in Italy that will allow creative and professionals to carry out new projects that cannot be developed because of the lack of money or funds.

The art is new lenders
Finding and collecting funds to develop real ambitious creative projects under the claim "People in Action, Performing Arts in Revolution": in these few words the Crowdarts project is summed up by its brilliant young director and project manager, Serena Telesca who, thanks to the support of his brother and a group of young talents, decided to reverse somewhat the demand-supply mechanism of the art business. No more funding in the hands of a few, but many small grants, from a minimum of one euro to a maximum of 1,000 euros, financed directly by people. Everyone, in fact, from the most successful creative to the one who is taking his first steps in the field may be part of the online platform.

How it works
It s clear that we are talking about a crowdfunding project but the goal of Crowdarts, which also received the support of the European Union, is not only to raise money but also to create a new space where finding and discovering new skills artistic languages ​​on our territory: financing what comes from below, spontaneously, which can generate a truly shared community interest for the world of creativity. There are three sections of this platform: "Production Campaigns", the place where artists and industry insiders can receive funding; "Crowdshow", the space where in addition to the creator and organizer of the project also any other person may speak proposing his economic support. Last but not least there is the "Marketplace", the space open to all and designed to create new synergies, connections and collaborations between the creatives on Crowdarts.
The results of crowdfunding
If you are wondering how the selection process behind the projects chosen to be financed, Crowdarts selects the crowdfunding campaigns based on a set of criteria such as: degree of innovation of the idea, originality, feasibility and adherence to the terms of use of the platform. Among the projects already financed we can name the show Spontaneous Human Combustion, made in Rome, about the issue of work and its effects on our mind; Tu me fais tourner la tête, a French-Italian collaborative job based on the works of Chagall and the RGB Light Fest festival - Rome Glocal Brightness, an event of light installations and video mapping to reveal unpublished corners of the 6th municipality of the capital.

We are the art lenders