Photo by Antonio Barrella

Based in the Pigneto area of Rome, just a short distance from the historical quarter of San Lorenzo, the group of artists known as Lab. Aquattro is an original, praise-worthy model of artistic laboratory founded in 2013 by Emma Verdet, Martoz, Gemma Vinciarelli, Chiara Lanzieri and Alessio Spataro.

At its premises, Lab. Aquattro organizes and hosts exhibitions and events dedicated to the world of illustration, graphics, comic strips, street art, which are fields of interest for the group right from its start. They are forms of art that, today more than ever, can be used as a privileged observation point on the social reality of cities and villages. They tell stories through images and these stories allow us to wonder, communicate and reason together.

In April 2016, happy with the cultural work that they had carried out in two years of activity, Lab. Aquattro decided to create an annual comic strip magazine with a common theme that was entitled “Crisma”.

The theme of each issue will be chosen by the group and portrayed in its most original and unexpected aspects by different authors, called upon to collaborate with the magazine after a careful selection process.

It is a magazine self-produced in Rome by Lab. Aquattro and Csa La Torre and it was conceived by the creators as a unique artistic product of its kind, taken care of down to the smallest detail and made even more attractive by the texts in both Italian and English.

Crisma n.1 (A4, 96 pages, paperback, 10 euro) is entirely dedicated to the theme of takeaway food and includes the work of twelve young artists from Rome who interpreted the subject with intelligence and a fresh approach.

If it is true that for Elsa Morante “Have you eaten?” was the question of true love, this first issue of Crisma contains a great ghost within it, more like a guru that travels from one story to another, among these pages, amidst the smell of paper and that of street-food.

The story has been written by Giorgio Ghiotti, writer