design studio and laboratory, furniture and design shop

In the province of Frosinone, there is a town rich in history and art: Cassino. It develops at the foot of the hill on which the famous Abbey of Montecassino stands, in a historically strategic place for communications between central and southern Italy. Almost totally destroyed by the bombings of the Second World War and therefore also known as the Martyr City, it was totally rebuilt after the war. In this place so small, yet rich in history and symbols, we find Crisalide.

Born from an idea of the architect Daniele Volante, Crisalide is a dynamic space, a laboratory of the five senses, it is a design studio, a design laboratory, a furniture and design store. From interiors to exteriors, he designs, furnishes, designs, advises, decorates spaces with projects and objects made to measure for the customer. Inside Crisalide space projects are created, prototypes of objects, solutions and ideas with a strong social and environmental impact, always with sustainable, ecological materials, strategies or tools.

Among the many projects we want to mention Egg-o, an idea born from the participation in the "What design can do for refugees" competition, a competition that aims to create solutions for refugees from all over the world fleeing their own countries. Egg-o is a simple object that follows the growth of the child according to his age having a double function, that of a cradle and a backpack for children. It is light, quick to assemble, easy to transport thanks to its specially designed hooks, it is also comfortable for both mothers and children, given the elastic, breathable and wrapping fabric that adapts to the body of both.

Designed to be built and produced with sustainable techniques, such as cutting multilayer wood or through 3D printing, in specific laboratories, the project directly involves refugees and asylum seekers. Through important partnerships with 3D printing studios, metal, wood or other materials companies compatible with the characteristics of Egg-o, the idea is to involve the refugees themselves in the modeling and creation of the same. Subsequently, after prototyping, improvement and differentiation of the offer of Egg-o For every two Egg-o purchased by families, one Egg-o is donated to a family of refugees.

Crisalide conceives and realizes projects of personalized spaces, customized design, finds solutions and ideas with a strong identity. Nature as inspiration, the five senses as material, man as center, without forgetting an ecological and social vision, always. The space is a place full of charm, where the five senses find continuous stimuli, an ideal place to find design objects and new ideas to make your home a place of the soul.

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