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The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism MiBACT General Directorate for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripherals, hereinafter DGAAP, announces the first edition of the "CREATIVE LIVING LAB Award": a program on the themes of shared urban regeneration of the Italian suburbs.

The initiative is aimed at the implementation of innovative quality projects in the cultural and creative sectors oriented to regeneration

and / or the transformation of interstitial spaces, abandoned or abandoned areas or buildings and untreated green areas. The objectives of the call are to create places for activities that can contribute to regenerating not only the urban dimension but also the socio-cultural one, based on the principles of participation, integrated approach and sustainability, without land consumption, and disseminate methodologies for community. Raise awareness on the issues, the forms and the implementation of micro projects of urban regeneration, in order to highlight the importance, in the redevelopment operations.

The projects may be activated, for example, workshops related to new ways of reading and planning the territory, performing arts seminars, laboratories of artistic and graphic creativity, exhibition routes and dattici, etc. These proposals will also have to implement new forms of use of space, in order to involve institutions, professionals, artists, citizens and subjects active in the territory, in order to identify ways of self-organization from below, so as to favor a process of empowerment of re-appropriation in the communities involved. As an example you can consult the Observatory for the reuse of spaces for creative, artistic and cultural purposes available on the DGAAP website at the following address:

The available resources amount to a total of € 205,000.00, while the grantable loan to each proposing party amounts to a maximum of € 34,000.00 assigned on the basis of the preparation of a ranking of merit.

The proposal, signed by the legal representative, must be sent, under penalty of exclusion, through the dedicated platform, subject to registration, no later than 12 noon on 16 July 2018. At the following link the forms of the announcement and more information: