Illustrated Cotton

Illustrated Cotton
Illustrated Cotton
the union between illustration and t-shirt
Illustrated Cotton
Illustrated Cotton | the union between illustration and t-shirt

Vintage Market, a brand, which over the years has become increasingly consolidated and which immediately wanted to give space to new artists, discovering and making known the local talents; that believes in the value of craftsmanship, commitment, quality, reuse, but above all in the union of more minds with the same passion with a common goal: to enhance the national territory through young creative people and made in Italy.

QUEEF Magazine by T-Squirt, a young clothing brand that does not only make t-shirts but, thanks to its magazine, tells the stories and lets you discover the works of young artists. Who wants to fight ironically bigotry, moralism, and those witty ideas that pervade the minds of those around us.

Largo Venue, a new space dedicated to cultural entertainment in Rome born from the meeting of big hearts and strong experiences in the sector.

A meadow between Prenestina and Paradiso, a shed that will hold a baptism for new Italian and international music, a stone's throw from San Lorenzo and Pigneto. Live music or relax in the garden, clubbing or activities for the whole family.

The event is organized by Vintage Market in collaboration with QUEEF Magazine by T-Squirt and will introduce you to young creatives, illustrators and graphic designers and new brands related to the world of t-shirts. Cotone Illustrato is the first festival in Rome that unites the world of illustration with that of T-shirts all in one day.

The event includes a market section, design workshops, expo, screen printing, printing, illustration for children and much more and is open to both professionals and enthusiasts.