“Oil, the nourishment of Mother Earth”

“Oil, the nourishment of Mother Earth”
“Oil, the nourishment of Mother Earth”
Express your fantasy
“Oil, the nourishment of Mother Earth”
“Oil, the nourishment of Mother Earth” | Express your fantasy

The first edition of the International Prize Ranieri Filo della Torre organized by the Pandolea, an association founded by some women entrepreneurs with the idea of producing quality extra virgin olive oil, has been launced. The award, dedicated to Ranieri Filo della Torre, a distinguished member of the National Academy of olive and olive oil, is an event that celebrates an important character in the Italian olive world, as well as agriculture, but also an opportunity to rediscover ​​hidden values of the olive world, with its rituals and its legends, stories and songs.

Submissions include literary and photographic works, history and communication dedicated to customs, traditions, performing arts, landscapes and itineraries on the theme of the olive oil.

The competition is divided into three sections: literature, history and communication, photography. For the literary part published and unpublished works in the form of poetry and short stories are accepted for submission. For the history and communication section, promoted by the Association Vita Romana, aims at rewarding the best works presented in a popular form, storytelling or through the construction of a tourist-cultural route, able to tell the story of oil through archeology, art or demo-anthropology. Finally, the photography section, promoted by the Association Calambì, rewards the best pictures depicting the rituals, legends and stories associated with the tradition of oil and earth.

The top three entries for the three different sections will be awarded. The theme of the competition: "Oil, the nourishment of Mother Earth" is open to citizens of any nationality. Participation is open to everyone without age restrictions.

Deadline and participation
The application form and submissions must be submitted by December 20, 2016 (extended deadline) via email to, writing in the mail the section chosen for the submission.

To download the application forms and information you can check the notice at this link