How BeMyGuru works

How BeMyGuru works
How BeMyGuru works
the startup that helps you to grow
How BeMyGuru works
How BeMyGuru works | the startup that helps you to grow

Tons of enthusiasm, accompanied by loads of doubts. This is the identikit of the young entrepreneur, because even if it's easy to come up with a business idea it's not easy to get it on its feet, straddling all the rules, red tape and eagerness to act. Thus was born BeMyGuru, the startup of startups.

What BeMyGuru is

This is a platform and an app launched by four under35s that allows all those with a project to interface with a professional, receiving low-cost personalized consultancy from two hundred qualified experts.  The consultancy fees start from one Euro per minute. The platform is subdivided into six macro-areas: business, marketing, finance, product design, technology and people. Behind it: competence and professionals eager to show their know-how.


The startup gurus

The gurus in question have been democratically chosen by the community of LinkedIn and other social channels, based on numeric parameters such as their contacts and professional reviews from the various profiles. Users register, look on the site for the information they need, and then send a message to the expert they consider most suitable to answer their questions, giving three dates and three times to be called.


It is up to the professional to set the fee for the consultancy: starting from an hourly rate of 60 Euro up to 900. To date, the platform boasts over 530 registered users. ByMyGuru was born in the wake of, an American startup which, by 2011, in its first year of activity, had received financing of more than a million dollars.

How BeMyGuru works