CoderDojo Roma

CoderDojo Roma
CoderDojo Roma
Nati in Irlanda nel 2011 in Italia oggi sono più di 40
CoderDojo Roma

CoderDojo is a movement born with the goal of setting up clubs and organizing free encounters to accompany young people in the experience of creative programming. It is an open movement that organizes its non-profit activities, respecting the guidelines of the International Charter drawn up by the CoderDojo International Foundation. Club training activities revolve around game, reciprocal exchange, and peer learning. Thousands of children have already participated in the Italian encounters of the movement, learning to use programming languages ​​like HTML, Javascript and CSS. The programming clubs take place throughout the world in facilities such as libraries, coworking, companies, public places, schools, in short, anywhere they want to host on their own territory.

As is the case in the community of open source developers, Samples and Mentors are part of the network and the global movement: each one is encouraged to share their ideas and suggest improvements.

All this is possible thanks to volunteer mentors who give their time, passion and energies to share their knowledge and technological skills. The imaginary that becomes reality: a world where every child can learn how to program and express their creativity in a playful and secure social environment, transforming kids from passive IT users to active subjects and technology creators. The goal is not to create a group of small programmers, but to provide basic skills in terms of logic and computational thinking, increasingly essential skills in the hyper-technological modern world. Teaching the kids a correct methodology approach to ensure that they become passive users of information technology to active people and technology creators.

It is no coincidence that CoderDojo has one rule:

“Above All: Be Cool!Bullying, lying, wasting people's time and so on is uncool”. 

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