From September 2016 to May 2017 art, culture and creativity in Civita Castellana
CiviTONICA | From September 2016 to May 2017 art, culture and creativity in Civita Castellana

Civitonica is a culture container. Held in Civita Castellana, the festival has a program with a wide list of "events", this year dedicated to women.
Women not as victims but as protagonists. Four women considered exemplary models have been selected, some more famous than others, but in any case representative of this half of the universe. Events / monographs, will talk about them and of all women.
Hypatia of Alexandria, scientist and philosopher, Isadora Duncan, dancer of the early 1900s, Harper Lee, writer and Anna Marchesini, recently deceased Italian actress.
Civitonica, organized thanks to a local team of people under 30, will continue until May 2017 and will propose a series of events.
Let's start with Depositi in mostra # 4, which exposes Zenobio Bencivenga's neoetrurian jewelry of the National Museum of Palazzo Venezia, organized by Polo Museale of Lazio.
In October the play Sagasalsa for the Femminile / Plurale festival, born from the collaboration with Officina Culturale Dtretto/Creativo. Within the same festival, Fado, by the company Errare Persona Musical Theatre and the work on the female figures of ManufattiLab company.
Meetings with authors include Erri De Luca's presentation, who opened the event introducing his latest novel, La natura esposta; then, in November, Pino Pelloni with Peccati di gola: copule e crapule, storie e leggende (Sins of gluttony: copulations and gluttony, stories and legends) and Moni Ovadia with Il Coniglio di Hitler (Hitler's Rabbit), to name a few.
The festival includes a laboratory of evolutionary theater and the 120 lines literary contest - Commentary in the story, where creativity will have to put together immediacy of the short story and themes related to current events.
The month of November will be also packed with photographic and painting exhibitions. Among the first, Oltrepensare by Giuseppe Palmisano and Attraverso il corpo by photographer Gloria Angellini. Then the exhibition of paintings by JAH Ritratti in spray. In addition many themed film will be screened.
To receive updates of all the current events, visit the official event website.