Cineclub Detour

Cineclub Detour
Cineclub Detour
Una location d’elezione nel cuore di Roma per realizzare il proprio progetto artistico
Cineclub Detour
Detour Creative Space
Film clubs, courses and workshops, exhibitions, activities for children, organic coffee & wines, music, video art, theater and independent publishing. The film club Detour is a polymorph rehearsal space of a small theater show, as the location for the filming of a movie, to organize a screening, seminars and public meeting, working alone or in teams with the ability to use a true screening room. The film club Detour's spaces are available for coworking in the Rione Monti area.
Detour, a cutural nonprofit organization founded in 1997, was born from the dream of a collective of volunteers who has helped creating in the center of Rome, an independent physical location for films, not conventional audiovisual arts, with international relations and recognition more than two decades. Most of all, Detour is a community space open to all disciplines and fed by the vital flow of the passage of knowledge, the development of critical thinking and creative research.
The cultural association manages independently the screening room of more than seventy places, renovated and recently expanded, offering its members an eclectic yet selected programming of both screenings and meetings in cinema, music and theater, training activities, multimedia visual art, photography and painting exhibitions, book presentations and organization of cultural events in Rome and Lazio.
Detour is open to anyone with ideas but who is lacking a physical place to develop it. That's why, programming is nourished by collaboration with many other national and international cultural organizations.
Associative spaces and projection room are available to members for initiatives and events. To financially support the cultural project you can subscribe to different forms of subscription.
The On the Road Film Festival, now in its fourth edition, is the crown jewel of Detour. A triumph of international independent cinema with a traveling vocation, for the choice of travel as main subject and its move from Rome (in the spaces of the historic Cinema Detour Via Urbana 107) and the whole Lazio.
Two competitive sections: The Road, which includes feature films and short feature films, fiction and documentaries, and ShortCuts dedicated to short films.
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