Photo by Antonio Barrella

In the tradition of alchemy, the Athanor is the metaphysical furnace where psychic materials are burned to free oneself of imperfections and thus achieve a new degree of purity.

Each transformation needs a recipe, a procedure, different phases that, step by step, would allow the alchemist to the internal conquest of the philosophical stone. Outside they would have stayed the same, but inside everything would change.

Cooks are often seen as modern-day alchemists and the people who write the cookery blog “Light is good” have just this mission: changing the content of the most famous recipes that are considered “heavy” or “junk” to make them lighter, managing to keep attractive forms and tastes of the dishes. When I meet Chiara, Alessio and Maria (Gabriele is in Cuba, researching, I suppose) they tell me that the idea for the blog came from an exercise for the Social Media Management and Internet Studies course, as all 4 are studying for a degree in “Media, digital communication and journalism” at La Sapienza University of Rome.

The blog, which now has some thousand unique visits and which does not offer just recipes rewritten in a “light” way, but also a section on low percentage beers and smoothies, is the excuse for a larger project, that the group carry out “live” when they cook for university events that they are invited to.

«We want to show that eating healthily and eating well are not necessarily two different things», says Chiara, the brains behind the project, who has precise journalistic ambitions.

The 4, all born around the 1990s, manage to mix their gastronomic knowledge, bio nutrition values and marketing techniques, turning them into what could soon become much more than a university project.

Each alchemic transformation has actually this characteristic, by law: things change and high and low can mix, only if you truly believe that they have the potential to do that.

The story has been written by Matteo Trevisan, writer.