Who videoplay? Let’s Play

Who videoplay? Let’s Play
Who videoplay? Let’s Play
A cultural and recreational festival in the capital
Who videoplay? Let’s Play
Who videoplay? Let’s Play | A cultural and recreational festival in the capital

Let's Play, the first Festival of the game in Italy, will be held in Rome March 15 to 19, between lovers, institutions, big industry, to meet, play, compete together on the economic future of the industry and support the Italian videogame industry as a path of growth and maturation.
The initiative is promoted by QAcademy and let's play, in collaboration with the Lazio Region and the AESVI - Publishers Association and Italian Videogame Developers, and with the support of MiBACT.

The intervention of the Lazio Region is to set up an exhibition area and a meeting which will host Lazio SMEs joining the Call launched by Innova Lazio, already made to promote video games, interactive demos and prototypes.
To participate in the call, which will remain open until March 7, you must register here.
Participation in the Lazio Region Festival is organized by LAZIOcrea and Lazio Innova.

So five days dedicated to meetings with YouTubers, games, competitions and workshops, more than 200 machines to entertain all really immersed in the Guido Reni District 30,000 square meters.

Let's Play brings the debate on video game to a new level.
The game today is no longer just a pastime adolescents distracted by the study, the game has become a social phenomenon that involves all age groups, with a high degree of education.

The business data give us an industry growth of + 6.9% compared to 2014, with a market of nearly one billion euro employing over 15,000 people, including direct and indirect operators and provides jobs "creative", linked the world of music, design, creative writing.
The video game a real cultural medium, thanks to influences and contamination with cinema, music, art and literature, and any potential plots to develop potential in the fields of economy, education, tourism, sport.
A hobby, a job opportunity and a tool to learn and convey knowledge.
Let's Play, the largest consumer electronics show never proposed in the capital.