Volunteers for archaeology

The Archaeological Group of the “Cerite” Territory is an association of volunteers born on July 20, 1999, registered to ONLUS since 2006 and has about 250 members.

G.A.T.C is born with the sole aim of enhancing and disseminating knowledge of the history of the territory and allowing direct citizen participation in the safeguarding, study and functional recovery of testimonies of the past, in collaboration with the public bodies involved.

The association is active in the municipalities of the northern coast of Rome and, thanks to the availability of the municipal administration of Santa Marinella, is located at the Museum of Sea and Ancient Navigation, in the medieval hamlet of Santa Severa Castle.

In addition to the rediscovery of archaeological sites as a national heritage, the Association has the task of organizing exhibitions dedicated to less well-known archaeological sites in our territory, such as the development of the Cerite-Tolfetano Braccianese system for the recovery of Torre Flavia, nowadays a historical symbol of Ladispoli.

The interventions carried out by the association have been numerous today, including the restoration of the archaeological site of the Etruscan port of Cerveteri and the polygonal walls of the Roman Castrum of Pyrgi, famous for the gold plates with Etruscan and Phoenician inscriptions found during the excavations of the Etruscan shrine in Santa Severa.

The Association has a discreet experience in organizing courses, conferences, visits, school camps and research campaigns where it is possible to bring people closer to the knowledge of the ancient world and archaeology as a national and community heritage.

Particular attention is given to the world of the school, in order to raise awareness of the people of the 3rd millennium to the knowledge of our history and respect for the things that tell it.

The Archaeological Group of the “Cerite” Territory adheres to C.I.R.A. Centro Studi L. Magrini and the European Forum of Heritage Associations.

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