Castelnuovo Fotografia 2018

Castelnuovo Fotografia 2018
Castelnuovo Fotografia 2018
The sixth edition is about to start
Castelnuovo Fotografia 2018
Castelnuovo Fotografia 2018 | The sixth edition is about to start

A new edition of Castelnuovo Fotografia is about to start, the photography festival dedicated to the landscape made with the contribution of the Municipality of Castelnuovo di Porto and the Lazio Region, under the patronage of the CNAPPC-National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservatories and the Regional Park of Veio , the participation of the BSR-British School at Rome and LEICA technical sponsor. Twenty-two scheduled exhibitions, numerous meetings and presentations, two contests, forty-two Italian and international partners in the field of publishing, information, art galleries, schools of photography and art photography.

Born in 2013 from an idea of ​​Elisabetta Portoghese, the review will take place in the fifteenth century Rocca Colonna. Landscape architect and curator of events related to photography, Elisabetta Portoghese has been joined by a high-level scientific committee, bringing the festival Castelnuovo Fotografia to become one of the most important photographic events in Italy. Immediately dedicated to the landscape, it has conquered a wide and attentive public, becoming an unmissable appointment for photographers, architects, landscape architects and enthusiasts.

Rocca Colonna di Castelnuovo di Porto has been the location of choice for six years; external spaces will also be contaminated, including the streets of the medieval village immersed in the landscape of the Roman countryside. The aim of the review is a wide analysis and reflection on the transformations and the critical aspects of the contemporary urban and natural landscape through the gaze of masters of photography and emerging young people, but also on the analysis of the landscape in its interior form. The program includes a busy schedule of events during the Festival days: portfolio readings, workshops, meetings, performances, video projections and editorial presentations. Despite being an international vocation, the Festival has produced important photographic projects in close relationship with the surrounding territory that document aspects related to the transformation of the human and social landscape.

The exhibition will be animated by numerous photographic laboratories that over the years have seen the involvement of many photographers but also citizens, young people from the state schools, the largest asylum seekers center in Italy located in Castelnuovo di Porto with workshops, photo shoots and photographic excursions in the territory, with the intent to acquire the tools for a conscious vision of the territory in which we live. The laboratory activities linked to the festival, in particular Box 21, allowed the constitution of an archive of images that document the transformations of the Italian territory on the fringes of a large metropolis also in an anthropological sense. Unmissable is the appointment with FOTOBOOKSHOP of Castelnuovo Fotografia, a precious collective space dedicated to photographic publishing and self-publishing.

Since 2016, the festival has established the photo contest CDPZINE, dedicated to fanzine and self-production, which is giving away an exhibition of the winning project during the next edition of the festival and the Instagram contest #fotografareilpaesaggio: an opportunity to discover the territory, through an image with which to recount the beauty, the transformations or the critical aspects of the urban and natural landscape and to stop one's idea of ​​landscape in one click. The contest deadline is set for September 29th, to participate you need to post a photo on your instagram profile and add the hashtag #fotografareilpaesaggio. Among the images posted, the one that has received the most likes will be rewarded with a voucher to spend in photographic equipment made available by the sponsor of the FotoVideoMecarini festival and the photograph will be exhibited in the Rocca Colonna until 31 December 2018.