Casa vuota: a space full of art

Casa vuota: a space full of art
Casa vuota: a space full of art
A surprising place at Quadraro
Casa vuota: a space full of art
Casa vuota

Casa Vuota has been opened on May 6th at the Quadraro, southern suburbs of Rome. It is an apartment where contemporary art exhibitions are located. Out of the periphery township, far from traditional tourist routes, the area is experiencing a revival that has made it a booming district and art has played a prominent role in this.

Here are other structures and spaces that significantly contributed to bringing life and vivacity back to the neighborhood. A neighborhood with a symbolic history behind, during the Second World War, made of resistance, ending with the ragged Quadraro operated by the Germans in 1944 to damage the neighborhood population.

The artistic direction of Casa Vuota is curated by Francesco Paolo Del Re and Sabino de Nichilo. The first exhibition project hosted by Casa Vuota starts with a reflection on painting, but is proposed with an innovative installation and physical and structural approach.

The uninhabited rooms of the apartment are populated by common people, precisely, ready to occupy the space for the exhibition time. Visitors, as guests of the house, turn the rooms looking at the wall paintings of the artist Cetera, while they lie, perfectly at ease in the intimacy of the house. Just like in the famous movie Iron 3 - The empty house, guests move freely, acting as if they were at home.
Art again becomes the key to reviving life and living even in neighborhoods that until recently seemed far from being able to become places to visit and live.

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