Carrozzerie | n.o.t

Carrozzerie | n.o.t
Carrozzerie | n.o.t
We are "n.o.t" - Dreamers of dreams
Carrozzerie | n.o.t
Carrozzerie | n.o.t

Carrozzerie| n.o.t, from 1963 a real body shop in Ponte Testaccio, was redeveloped and renovated in summer 2013 as a Cultural Association under the artistic direction of Maura Teofili and Francesco Montagna. It is imposing as an interesting an emerging Roman reality that wants to put at the center of its structure the creation of new projects related to dance, theater and performing arts.

It has also chosen, by vocation, to accommodate within its spaces artistic paths that can find a slow, courageous and forward-looking time to break the right time to mature an idea, an artistic journey, inside of a culturally complex urban and cultural reality like Rome.

Carrozzerie is also a permanent professional and non-professional artistic training center and develops, with particular attention, creative and visual projects aimed at under 18s.

The structure is self-financed through all the people who contribute, during the year, to leave (who wants and can) a small donation and through the contributions made available from the companies through the call of Odiolestate artistic residences.

The greatest ambition remains that of being able to remain independent despite everything, gigantic in an era that tells us to be small.

Among the organized activities we find:

n.o.t lab: permanent training courses reserved for members, from October to May for professionals and non-professionals

n.o.t workshop: intensive workshops scheduled for the quarter of December January | February

n.o.t open: The opening program for December | January | February.

n.o.t residence 2017.2018: founding moment of its activity Carrozzerie | n.o.t selects three artists each year companies | reality for a period of professional productive residence. Other residential opportunities dedicated to emerging companies are regulated by the ODIOLESTATE call.

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