Arci Lazio promotes a competition for artists and filmmakers under 35
CALL FOR ARTISTS | Arci Lazio promotes a competition for artists and filmmakers under 35

BJCEM and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Albania announced the launch of Mediterranean 18 Young Artists Biennale, an international multidisciplinary event that will take place in Tirana and Durres, Albania, 4 to 9 May 2017. It will bring together about 230 artists from Europe and the Mediterranean.
Since 1985, the year of its first edition, the Biennale is held every two years in different cities of the Mediterranean area and is aimed at young artists and creative people. BJCEM is an international network with over 60 members and partners in Europe, Middle East and Africa, whose support makes this event possible as it ensures the participation of artists from their territories.

The purpose of this international network is to create opportunities for young artists, promoting mobility, exchanges, mutual understanding, intercultural dialogue, collaboration and training. The association supports their creativity and puts them in contact with local and international realities in order to help them grow personally and professionally.

As part of this initiative, ArciLazio promotes the call for the selection of a documentary film made by an author under 35 years active in the Lazio Region. Are invited to submit their works directors and visual artists who will take ownership of the concept of home, the subject of the call, exploring it and analyzing it through experimental film genres, animated films, documentaries, films that combine themes and elements typical of two or different genres, which are long, medium or short films that have been completed after 31 December 2013.

Participants must apply for this link.

The selected artists will be hosted in Tirana and Durres 4 to 9 May 2017 inclusive. In those days they will show their work and will perform in the spaces provided in the two cities. The exhibitions will be open to the public until May 28, 2017.

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