Brick, Brick, Brick!

Brick, Brick, Brick!
Brick, Brick, Brick!
Over one million bricks for a game that becomes art
Brick, Brick, Brick!
Brick, Brick, Brick! | Over one million bricks for a game that becomes art

The Art of the Brick is back in Rome!
After the incredible success of last year, with over 120,000 visitors, the Auditorium Parco della Musica hosts the exhibition that CNN has proclaimed as one of the ten exhibitions to see in the world and has already conquered the globe, from New York in Los Angeles, from Melbourne to Shanghai, from London to Singapore.

A lot of news from the over seventy art sculptures created with more than a million LEGO bricks, works by the American artist Nathan Sawaya.
The materials chosen by Nathan to build his works were not random.
Like so many other children, his love story with Lego starts from an early age, but unlike many others has never denied his passion for the famous bricks.
Just at 10 years old, when his parents refused to adopt a dog, the young man decided to build one life-size in Lego, and at that point he knew he could create with Lego bricks whatever he wanted.
Once at University to study Law, Nathan put aside his imagination and creativity to become a lawyer in the chaotic New York reality but in 2000 he decided to leave the conference table to sit on the floor in a studio and playing with LEGO.
In that moment Nathan has awakened the artist and the child that were in him.
As an artist, these two figures characterize his work to such an extent as to be considered inseparable and have led him to develop a creative process based on the "free play", considered by many as a real revolution in the art world.

The large-size works on display, range from the "simple" human figure to the one revisited in art, such as reproduction of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Vermeer, The Scream by Munch to a really impressive installation like the T-Rex skeleton. There are also exceptional depictions of the Sistine Chapel and the Van Gogh's Starry Night.
Finally the exhibition includes an interactive area that invites you to express your creativity using LEGO.