Great show for the twenty years of Galleria Borghese
Bernini | Great show for the twenty years of Galleria Borghese

On the occasion of the 20 years since its reopening, Galleria Borghese is pleased to present, together with FENDI as an institutional partner, the great exhibition dedicated to Gian Lorenzo Bernini, in continuity with the critical discourse launched with the exhibition Bernini Scultore: the birth of the baroque in Casa Borghese, housed at the Museum in 1998.

The exhibition, curated by Andrea Bacchi and Anna Coliva, sees the collaboration of prominent scholars and specialists - Maria Giulia Barberini, Anne-Lise Desmas, Luigi Ficacci, Sarah Mc Phee, Stefano Pierguidi - who have long been concerned with the great artist or specific aspects of his production or even his figure within the great Baroque season.

The main theme of the exhibition is the Borghese Gallery as a privileged sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini's sculpture: Cardinal Scipione, his first client, wanted him to create autonomous marble groups to give a "figure of imagination" to the space of each room; the next commissioner, Pope Urban VIII Barberini, wanted him a sculptor integrated into a global building of space, which was architecture but at the same time included light, color, figuration, dimensional and proportional illusions within himself.

The exhibition focuses on the Bernini sculptor of statues that are directly measured, and primarily with marble, starting from works performed in collaboration with his father Pietro until the last marbles touched by his chisel.

However, a series of thematic analyzes devoted to specific aspects of its production (painting, putti, restorations, making a work from design, terracotta, marble) will allow you to sketch a portrait of Bernini 'to everything round ": virtuous inexorable of the chisel but also of the brush.