Beat Generation

Beat Generation
Beat Generation
Journey to Italy
Beat Generation
Beat Generation | Journey to Italy

Conceived and curated by Enzo Eric Toccaceli, the Beat Generation exhibition. Ginsberg, Corso, Ferlinghetti. Journey to Italy, retraces the steps of a movement that has made history.

Approximately 200 black and white photographs will be exhibited by the curator himself. All unpublished and all acquired by the National Gallery, as part of a new institutional policy, which devotes to the sources a series of initiatives that originate from the documentary and photographic archives recently acquired or kept at the museum.

The photographs, together with roughly 600 documents (first editions, vinyl, posters, invitations, press cuttings), describe the last trips in Italy of three of the most important exponents of the Beat Generation, who went to Italy several times during meetings and performances: Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the longest-lived of the three artists, now almost centenarian.

In a period of time starting in the late seventies and ending in the most recent years, Enzo Eric Toccaceli has followed and photographed Ginsberg, Corso and Ferlinghetti in all their wanderings in the great cities and capitals of art: from Milan to Venice, Rome, Florence, to reach the Strait of Messina.

Through the photographs, but also through the documents, posters, articles and various rarities and curiosities, the author describes in a sort of modern grand tour the trip to Italy of the three poets, in an exciting story between art, history and history .