TDC notice

TDC notice
TDC notice
a strategic sector to be protected and developed
TDC notice
TDC notice | a strategic sector to be protected and developed

The priceless cultural heritage of Lazio can count on 165 museums including state, civic and provincial and 17 universities, central institutes and research organizations, while businesses related to the culture and tourism industry are over 30,000.

It is therefore a strategic sector, to be protected and developed also according to the opportunities it offers but which could be further developed thanks to a new system that involves all its components.

For this reason, on the initiative of the Lazio Region, the Technological District for Cultural Assets and Activities (TDC) was created, with the aim of building a structured network of relationships and collaborations between public and private research, linking them to the business system.

The new Public Notice - aimed at enhancing the value and use of the region's cultural heritage in an innovative way - has a total budget of € 23.2 million, of which:

3.2 million euros for the first phase - design
20 million euros for the second phase: implementation of interventions
The holders of the cultural heritage of Lazio (Institutes and Places of Culture as defined by articles 101 and ss of the Code of Cultural Heritage), which are owners, managers or future public / private managers, can present proposals for enhancement through the application and the development of new technologies for cultural heritage and activities.

The Notice includes two phases:

First phase: grants of up to 100% (max 150,000 €) for the design of the intervention
Second phase: subsidy for the implementation of interventions (max 1,500,000 €).

The € 23.2 million will be used to make real, virtual places, routes and itineraries accessible, providing, at the same time, job opportunities for young professionals, development opportunities for local businesses and the creation of new tourist destinations.