Bajocco Festival

Bajocco Festival
Bajocco Festival
Street artists
Bajocco Festival
Bajocco Festival | Street artists

The Bajocco Festival Street Artists was born from an idea of ​​the XV Mile cultural association in January 2011 and takes place in the historic center of Albano Laziale.

The performances of the artists occupy streets, alleys and squares from 20.00 to 01.00. The city transforms into an animated and colorful open-air theater where acrobats, jugglers, musicians, clowns, wise men and skilled manipulators of timeless gestures meet. Music, great circus performances, amazing acrobatic evolutions, exhilarating performances and refined performances, colors and passions mixed by the magic of street art.

The term Bajocco takes its cue from the name that had the ancient currency of the Papal State and acquired as an expression by the local population to indicate the possession of money.

The artists who perform are included in the AD ENGAGING program or as OFF.

The festival is divided into AREA CIRCENSE and MUSICAL AREA.

The seats of the shows vary according to the characteristics of the show itself. The performances take place simultaneously on different areas of the city according to the program of beginning and end performances.

The historic center of Albano Laziale becomes a small outdoor theater where the artist integrates with the natural historical-cultural scenario of the city.

The Bajocco Festival Street Artists obtained, at the second edition, the "Meraviglia Italiana" Award, an award given to "events and sites of particular, extraordinary and high cultural value".

The traditional "hat" is obviously admitted, as in all the Street Artists Festival that respect each other. The Artistic direction of the Festival is entrusted to the XV Miglio Cultural Association.