Biennial of Contemporary Ceramic Art
BACC | Biennial of Contemporary Ceramic Art

The third edition of BACC, the Biennial of Contemporary Ceramic Art in Frascati, is back, an observatory that collects and testifies the different artistic operations that develop around contemporary ceramics.

The 2018 edition records among the innovations the internationalization of the Biennale di Frascati at the Scuderie Aldobrandini, which for the first time hosts Spain as a foreign nation and ten among its best ceramists in a dialogue with Italian artists. This year the biennial is enriched by the section Other Places, collections and exhibitions at the Tuscolano Civic Museum and the Walls of Valadier.

Together with the ten invited Italian artists, Francesco Ardini, Luigi Belli / Guido Scarabottolo, Raffaele Fiorella, Giovanni Gaggia, Eva Hide, Vincenzo Marsiglia, Dunia Mauro, Angela Palmarelli, Cristiana Vignatelli Bruni and Serena Zanardi, exhibit the Spanish artists Sophie Aguilera, Alberto Bustos , Xavier Monsalvatje, María Oriza Pérez, Juan Ortí, Gregorio Peño, Juan Pérez, Cristina Salvans, Manuel Sánchez-Algora and Nuria Torres invited by Juan Carlos García Alía.

The Tuscolano Civic Museum houses part of the Vaselle d'Autore collection of Torgiano and a selection of ceramic works from the Bank of Italy collection in a close and direct comparison with the precious finds from the Museum's permanent collection by the Director Dr. Giovanna Hats.

Also at the Tuscolano Museum for the first time to the public, an extraordinary elephant protome in marble from the excavations at Tuscolo is shown. To present and honor this discovery, the artist Luigi Ontani presents his ceramic elephant to the public of Frascati.

The opening of the stories and the city continues at the Walls of Valadier with two homage curated by Lorenzo Fiorucci: to the master Nino Caruso exactly one year after his death and the Etruscan experience Ludens creative workshop set up in the late '60s by Sebastian Matta in Tarquinia that makes use of direct testimonies of artists who attended it: Giovanni Calandrini, Massimo Luccioli, Luigi Belli, Tommaso Cascella.