Informagiovani Regional Network

Informagiovani Regional Network
Informagiovani Regional Network
Funding to extend the services for young people
Informagiovani Regional Network
Informagiovani Regional Network | Funding to extend the services for young people

The public notice for the "Upgrade and development of the regional network of information centers" published by the Directorate of "Culture and Youth Policy" - "Youth and Creativity" Area of the Lazio Region has been launched.

The initiative aims to expand the network of information centers, providing funding to local authorities for the activation, implementation and / or establishment of Youth Information Centres and / or Youth information points located in the region.

The goal is to further expand the joint network among service managers, end users, public and private authorities involved in youth-related issues, strengthened and coordinated by the Lazio Region, with the contribution of municipalities and local social organizations. The information services have been set up by the Lazio Region to inform and promote the activities and policies in support of the youth population. Through the services provided, young people will be offered many opportunities for studying, guidance, training, employment, culture, leisure at local, national and European level, supporting the participation of young people in active citizenship. The total amount of resources allocated for the implementation of projects is 1,120,722.01 euros.

How to participate
The public announcement is addressed to Local Authorities of the Lazio Region. Participants may submit project proposals in the municipalities ATS, in agreement or union of municipalities. Local Authorities must submit a project, through the use of technologies and computer equipment, for the development or implementation of a shared network between service managers, end users and the public and private entities involved in issues related to young people, with an analysis of the costs involved.

Applications and documentation must be sent to: Lazio Region - Regional Directorate "Culture and Youth Policy" -  "Youth Policies and Creativity" Area - Via Rosa Raimondi Garibaldi, 7-00145 Rome, no later than 2:00pm, 11/30/2016.
The Regional Directorate "Culture and Youth Policy" will select, through a dedicated Evaluation Commission, on the basis of the criteria and procedures below, the most suitable projects to reach the objectives.

The full public notice is available at this link