Atelier Lumiere

Atelier Lumiere
Atelier Lumiere
Atelier Lumiere is a factory that focuses on cinema and produces digital movies
Atelier Lumiere
Atelier Lumiere

Atelier Lumiere was founded in 2002 by Fernando Popoli, screenwriter and cinema director. At present, the factory counts 16 members and is located in the municipality of Ferentino, in the
Ciociaria area. During the last 14 years, Atelier Lumiere produced dozens of short and full-length movies, in collaboration with ASL Frosinone, the schools “Scuola Media Giorgi”, “ITIS Morosini” of the municipality of Ferentino, “Liceo Marconi”, “Ipsia” and “IT IS Cannizzaro” of the municipality of Colleferro, the Association for disabled people “G. coppotelli” and other social institutions.
The medium length film “Un uomo di Nome Ambrogio” (A man named Ambrogio) has been awarded the Independent Cinema Oscar Award for best director and the Perseo Cellini award at
the Sora Film Festival. The short movie “Il metodo perfetto”, (The perfect method), was declared best movie at the contest “Specchi rotti e lanterne magiche”, organized by Asl and the Univeristy of Salerno.

The association organized seven movie festivals on the theme “A Different Cinema” and Neoralism and produced the documentary: “Zavattini, genio vulcanico”, in cooperation with
the Zavattini Archive of the city of Reggio Emilia. Moreover, it organized lectures on the Language of Cinema at the University of Cassino, Communication Sciences degree, in schools and at the Mental Health Department of Asl. Atelier Lumiere promoted books of prestigious authors including “Melato forever” by Paola Dei, “L’accarezzatrice” by Giorgia Wurth, “We are all fakes”
by Banksy, “Ottocento romantico e generi. Dominazione, complicità, abusi e molestie" by Fiorenza Taricone, lecturer at the Univeristy of Cassino. Furthermore, the Association organized seminars on cinema at the University of Third Age of the city of Frosinone, lessons for the Press Association, history and movie exhibitions, such as: “Ciociaria, un secolo di storia”.
Ateliere Lumiere received twenty-five times public funds provided by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Lazio Region, the Province of Frosinone and by the municipalities of Ferentino, Supino, Patrica and Boville Ernica.

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