Artipelago, a place for culture

Artipelago, a place for culture
Artipelago, a place for culture
Since 2008, a center for adults and children in Castelnuovo di Porto
Artipelago, a place for culture

A physical place, a school, a bookshop, a workshop for the culture of solidarity, a production center for entertainment. But also a tool for people to interact with the political and administrative institutions.

All this is Artipelago, a cultural center established in 2008, in the heart of Castelnuovo di Porto: this center gathers cultural workers, teachers and citizens. Everyone is motivated by the desire to give life to project dealing permanently with teaching, promoting and producing culture. A task inherited by Cimamusic Arteducazione, founded previously.

Artipelago is a place for children and young people, families and citizens, artists, teachers and music students, writers and poets. It is a place open to diversity and speaking many languages.

In Artipelago peolple enter to look around, talk, browse and choose a book, maybe an appointment, listen to a concert, discuss, propose, learn, take, teach, give. In the Piccolo Teatro, classical music and jazz festivals and meetings with writers are held on a weekly basis. The bookshop is the plasce where presentations of books, reading circle, press, writing courses and seminars are held.

The Artipelago boundaries expand to touch on some aspects of visual arts with drawing and graphic design courses both from a technical and humanisticpoint of view, setting up contemporary art exhibitions 365 days a year.

Over the years, Artipelago has become a center for events at national level, headquarters of the Coordination for Associations in the Northeast province of Rome and producer  of the Festival "Leggere, le parole tra noi."

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