ArteVisione 2017

ArteVisione 2017
ArteVisione 2017
Turn on your creativity
ArteVisione 2017
ArteVisione 2017 | Turn on your creativity

Ready Check Play, a unique opportunity not to be missed for a video lasting up to 40 minutes.
ArteVisione provides creative professionals with an opportunity for professional growth to emerge in the Italian art scene, through a series of specific training and the production of a video.
The project, now at its fourth edition, is a collaboration between Careof and Sky and is addressed to the generation of artists under 30.
The 2017 edition invites participants to reflect on the theme Memory & Identity. The collective memory determines and builds our cultural identity and at the same time undergoes a constant process of re-reading filtered by the urgencies of the present.

A performance bonus, a vocational workshop for 10 selected finalists and a visiting professor internationally renown: these are the awards of the notice.
Thework is planned to be exhibited at the Museo del Novecento in Milan in October 2017 and, thereafter, at the MADRE in Naples, the Mart of Trento and Rovereto, the MAXXI in Rome and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Villa Croce in Genova.
The purpose of ArteVisione is to support emerging artists in the Italian art scene, enhancing creativity.

The winner will receive a performance bonus of 12,000 euro  for the development of the video and 4-month residency at Careof in Milan.
For the second and third place, the award is a workshop at SAE Institute or 3 months residency at Careof.
In addition, the 10 authors of the best projects received will be able to access an 8-day workshop at the Careof locations, Sky Italy and SAE Institute, with the video production professionals and visiting professor Omer Fast.

How to participate
Submissions must be sent by 12:00pm on 30 November, 2016  their candidature through the online format on Careof site and through the SKY Academy site.