Artescienza 2018

Artescienza 2018
Artescienza 2018
signs of art and identity
Artescienza 2018
Artescienza 2018 | signs of art and identity

Concerts, performances and shows, sound installations of art, exhibition of sculptural-musical works that interact with the public, master classes, stages, and meetings with artists. Also this year the new edition of the ArteScienza Festival, entitled "Signs of art and identity" scheduled from June 26th to July 9th and from September 10th to 23rd, will animate the capital of innovative and courageous proposals aimed at exploring the most unexpected and interesting between Art and Science.

The Italian National Music Critics Association for the prestigious Abbiati Award 2018 has just awarded the "Filippo Siebaneck" Special Prize - the Royal Academy of Spain, the Goethe-Institut Rom, the Accademia of France Villa Medici and the Parco della Musica, one of the liveliest cultural realities of the capital, plus the FGTecnopolo Building technology center, where the Centro Ricerche Musicali - CRM organizer of the festival is based.

Music allows us to share meaning, cultural references, collective, ethnic and social identity. It is able to sustain and stimulate the subjective and collective imagination, freeing creativity and provoking the representative activity of thought with abstract metaphors of experience and experience. For these reasons it represents the optimal framework that allows to re-formulate formal and expressive contents that can respond to the needs of greater human participation in information processes, communication and the relationship with the environment in a context, such as the current one, impoverished and disrupted, characterized by the existential uncertainty of people, devoid of those symbolic references necessary to create the feeling of "belonging" to a nation and "identity".

With this edition ArteScienza proposes a reflection on this theme and presents, through innovative forms of expression, the new concept of "social space" of artistic fruition (Interactive Performance-Installation - Sound installation of art, Adaptive sculptural-musical opera) able to to stimulate the aggregation among individuals, the sharing of symbolic elements, the active participation and to stimulate the recognition of common values ​​through emotion and ways of relating to the work of art and music.

Culture can overcome barriers, create new relationships, leading men to understand one another. And what is the best tool to achieve this, if not the music?