Here comes GRAart

Here comes GRAart
Here comes GRAart
The great ring road is reborn with 10 works
by Camilla Falsini
Here comes GRAart
Here comes GRAart | The great ring road is reborn with 10 works

 Where you see a gray wall, we see an urban landscape

From Lucamaleonte to MauPal, from Camilla Falsini to Veks Van Hillik, there are 10 Italian and international urban artists to make many works on underpasses and ramps of the beltway. It’s GRAArt, a project promoted by Anas, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and conceived by David Daviù Vecchiato, founder of the Museum of Urban Art in Rome. Each work recalls the myth of the Eternal City and tells stories from the territories around the GRA, by building a tour that at every stop "overlaps events of ancient Rome with those of modern Rome." This has the double objective of upgrading the infrastructure and the suburbs and to promote contemporary art.

Thanks to the project, ramps and underpasses of the GRA take color through the works of street art, going to build a museum of contemporary art in the open air, an artistic and cultural tour. Among the works you can see the one dedicated to the story of Aeneas and illustrated by Daviù Vecchiato in Mezzocammino, the leaves of  Bosso, the plant that gives its name to the area of ​​Boccea and the work by Lucamaleonte, in Casal del Marmo, that is the background of his martyrdom of Rufina and Seconda, according to tradition occurred precisely in this area.

There is also the obelisk-nosed signed by MauPal who returns to the portrait of a Pontiff after the one dedicated to Pope Francis in Borgo Pio, beloved by all but canceled in record time. This time MauPal evokes Sisto V in Via Pietro Rosano, at Romanina. The artists who took part in the project come from all over the world: Uruguay, Venezuela, France, Spain, Italy.

All the works, from Torrino- Mezzocamino to Tor Vergata, via La Rustica, Trionfale and Octavia, have a plaque and a QR code that will allow the visitor to access the site and discover all the curiosity about the murals stories and artists.

by Lucamaleonte
by Maupal
Map of GRAArt
Here comes GRAart