Photo by Antonio Barrella

It all started with Diego Cespedes’ passion for drawing, together with the possibility of diffusing and selling offered by the Internet. Art therefore, together with it the tool for spreading it quickly; inventive flair on one hand and the desire to make it known and appreciated on the other.

How could these two aspects be combined however, in the best of ways? How could creative enthusiasm be transformed in an opportunity, also economical, to promote itself?

The answer soon arrived in the form of "Dixard - comunità di disegnatori" (Dixard – designers’ community), an innovative, dynamic startup that allows users to sponsor their own creations; but not in a classical way.

Dixard, in fact, put its bet almost totally on originality, making sure that the various creations are transferred onto various types of gadgets: cups, t-shirts, mobile-phone cases, cushions etc.

In this way, the designers can self-promote their talent in a different way, projecting themselves onto a virtual market that goes beyond Italian borders and that can potentially reach anywhere in the world.

A simple, but brilliant idea, that also comes from the Economics studies of Ariel, Diego and Lorenzo: all three are in their final year of their master’s degrees. The first specialising in the web-marketing sector and corporate management, the other two dedicated to the field of finance and insurance.

The interaction between these three similar spirits happened as the result of a bet, on their long sight that is longer than long-sighted entrepreneurs ones and on a hobby used as a valid attempt at earning for themselves and others.

Currently, Dixard has 256 members and work is ongoing to automate the site, which will grant all creative artists easier access to all the services.

The story has been written by Angela Bubba, writer.