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ARF! | comics festival

From May 24th to 26th 2019 Comics is back in Rome with the fifth edition of ARF! the Festival of Stories, Signs & Drawings, in the splendid spaces of the Testaccio MATTATOIO.

ARF! is a new Festival model that brings the Comics back to the center of the scene, through a cultural journey of absolute quality thanks to the presence of the best Italian publishers and hundreds of established contemporary authors.

ARF! it is also: Exhibitions, Live Performance, Talk, Masterclass, Lectio Magistralis, Artist Alley, Self Production and Micro Publishing, Professional Occasions, Exclusive Previews and a Kids Area with free admission up to 12 years.

ARF! it's the party of those who read them and make them. Who publishes them. Who collects them. Who loves them. Three days of total immersion in the story in pictures, in the Stories, in the Signs and in the Drawings.

Hundreds of cartoonists and illustrators, publishers, self-productions, unmissable open lessons with the great masters, meetings, masterclasses, professional opportunities, exclusive previews, exhibitions, live performances.

Moreover Lazio Region, Lazio Creative, AICCRE Lazio and ARF! Festivals want to launch an invitation to all the young UNDER 35 to tell the extraordinary nature of our flag through a contest, involving them in the dissemination of such high value.

A jury of experts in the field of comics, illustration and audiovideo, including a delegate designated by the Lazio Region and chaired by Lorenzo Ceccotti, aka LRNZ, designer, director, illustrator, all-round artist with an almost Renaissance inspiration , as well as the author of the graphic novel Golem in which the symbol of the European flag is central and all its facets, will evaluate the works and will decide the winner.

You can put your talent at the service of a work capable of telling the power of the message of the Flag of Europe without placing too many limits on their artistic expression. To participate click on the link in the notes.