the festival of comics in Rome
ARF | the festival of comics in Rome

From 25 to 27 May 2018, in a neighborhood that is a symbol of the creative ferment of the capital, the splendid spaces of the MATTATOIO di Testaccio (formerly MACRO Testaccio) host the fourth edition of ARF! the Rome Comics Festival.

Symbol of a lively and modern expression, in recent years, comics have conquered an increasingly important space within the institutional places dedicated to the artistic exhibition.

Where is the comic going? How do you choose the roads to be taken and how do you understand the new routes to be indicated? This is revealed by the Publishing Directors of Bao Publishing, Coconino Press, Sergio Bonelli Editore and Tunué in one of the meetings that will be held on May 25th.

We will also talk about legal complaints, parliamentary questions and media campaigns, since the comic has often aroused the wrath of those who have always wanted to reduce their characteristics to those of a harmless pastime. We will talk with authors and publishers who have been involuntary protagonists and with the support of rare videos and absolute cult.

Among the guests we mention the Maestro Altan, between comic protest (Cipputi) and animation dedicated to children (La Pimpa), is told during an unmissable live performance.

Do not miss the international guests as well as winners of the most prestigious international awards, compare their experiences of cartoonists within their respective markets of origin: Brazilian, American and French, tracing differences, parallels and unimaginable similarities. You still do not understand? We are talking about Marcello Quintanilha, Peter Kuper and David B.

Back Bartoli Award 2018 !, the award on behalf of the unforgettable scriptwriter and dedicated to young promises of Italian comics. Who will win it this year?

The PressUp Award is also planned, dedicated to independent and self-produced publishing. To all those authors that books build them vignette after vignette, page by page, without having a publisher behind.