Antonio Caccioppola

Antonio Caccioppola
Antonio Caccioppola
Photo by Antonio Barrella
Antonio Caccioppola
Antonio Caccioppola

«Il tuo corpo per la scienza (Your Body for Science) is a project that started as a university exam» says Antonio Caccioppola, «I am about to graduate together with Sofia Paganessi and Maria Luisa Ciafardini, my collaborators, in an experience that has seen us working side by side during the last year».

It is Antonio Caccioppola speaking, explaining how the initiative is a real campaign to increase awareness, focused on guiding people towards donating their bodies to science after death.

An extreme act of solidarity, the gesture of donating oneself at the end of life is also transformed into a contribution to support research, and an opportunity to improve knowledge of human life via medical training.

Who is it aimed at?

Mostly at the 18-50 age bracket, especially the common individuals who are particularly active on social media and who therefore are able to carry the message in turn, becoming its promoters.

«There are basically three main conceptual fields on which the initiative is based» continues Caccioppola: «the ideas of life, future and hope».

«We also opted for a general tone that was not too heavy, an atmosphere not only appealing to the sadness of bereavement. To the contrary. We talk of lightness that is not by any means banality. Our campaign is ironic and sarcastic but never exaggerates».

In this way it is easier to understand the desire to compare common people with the greats of all time. “You don’t have to be an icon to make history” says one of the distinctive phrases of the campaign: but you can reach a personal historical result by donating your body to science, it is possible to become heroic at the end, through the most memorable gesture.

The story has been written by Angela Bubba, writer.