Urban animals

Urban animals
Urban animals
Graphic design and street art
Urban animals
Urban animals

An impressionist in the digital age, a street art lover with a graphic design studio. Matteo Brogi is a young creative from Rome born in 1986 who has been able to combine his passion and work into a single concept: art. Despite he is not 30 years old yet, he has come a long way with exhibitions, festivals, paintings and murals. This is Brogi’s short curriculum.

When did you passion for art and painting begin?
It started while I was attending high school with graffiti; then it turned into studying while I attended the European Institute of Design in Rome, and now it has become my work with the opening of my graphic studio ‘Polpo’, along with another partner.

Painting or street art? What is Matteo Brogi more passionate of?
I would say both. Street art is a form of expression of painting that is now gaining ground in Italy. Let's say that my style is a mix of these two elements.

Tell us more about your painting. Who inspires you? What do you draw?
I am an instinctive person so I do not always use the same style in my work. I like to look back to Pointillism and Impressionism as forms of painting. The subjects that I represent are animals, even humans in the form of animals in everyday situations. What I try to underline in my works is the concept of man as a social animal, with all his weaknesses and fragility. A human being almost compressed by everyday-life rules that stop his natural instincts, those animalistic ones: an 'urban' animal.

How did you manage to turn your passion into a job?
After the European Institute of Design I opened my graphic design studio together with another partner, Leonardo Maltese, and we managed to make ourselves known through word of mouth. Slowly, the first projects arrived and brought us to work even for TV, web and theatres.

As a painter, who are your customers?
I do not work only for commissions. Firstly I like to paint for myself; my clients are young and I managed to become popular through a video posted on the social media: a video where a friend of mine, who is a comedian, teased art, specifically my art.

What was until now your greatest satisfaction?
Actually, there are a few things that made me feel satisfied: from winning the MarteLive festival to attending a contest dedicated to street art held last year in Ventotene. I painted on the harbour walls which was a wonderful experience that hopefully I will do again this year.

And the difficulties?
Difficulties are the same of anyone willing to work with art. It is difficult to make a living out of painting. People often underestimate your creations, which minimize your efforts. It is a creativity related job, behind every picture there is a lot of work. Every piece of work is unique.

How do you see your future? Do you have any projects?
Surely I have more than one. What I'd like to do most in life is to travel the world and paint on the walls of several towns and urban realities along my path.

Lo trovi qui: Via del Vascello, 32- 00152 Rome
Lo trovi qui: Via del Vascello, 32- 00152 Rome