Aniene Festival 2018

Aniene Festival 2018
Aniene Festival 2018
events, meetings and activities in the park of Montesacro
Aniene Festival 2018
Aniene Festival 2018 | events, meetings and activities in the park of Montesacro

At the start the second edition of the Aniene Festival, the festival that animates the banks of the Aniene river bringing music, dance, art and free activities. This year the event will have an even richer program of events, meetings and activities from 4 July to 5 August. The location of choice will be right next to Ponte Nomentano, in the district of Montesacro. The watchwords for this new edition will be diversity, freedom, comfort and participation: many cultural offers dedicated to all ages, music, improvisation theater, free dance lessons, art exhibitions and a family-friendly space .

The area will be transformed for the occasion into a multifunctional space that everyone can live according to their needs, from the early afternoon with spaces dedicated to children and families and to Photographic and reading laboratories in the park. In aperitif time with exhibitions and free dance lessons, in prime time with live shows on the bill, all with a new mode of use of the park completely free, to restore the social and accessible vocation. The particularity of the Aniene Festival is characterized by a performative track instead of the stage, which will be not only dance floor but also space. Music, theater, visual arts in general, poetic and narrative research, acoustic and performative experiences, in an intimate and intimate atmosphere, with a minimal appeal to amplification to guarantee the lowest acoustic impact, in full respect of the host environment.


Space therefore to the Music with the 'Concerts on the track', songwriters and contamination. The opening is by Davide Shorty & Straniero Band, the latest recording effort of the Sicilian songwriter / rapper and producer, accompanied by the band with whom he recorded the album, which combines sounds hip hop, jazz, soul and funk with the Italian songwriting school. On July 6th MòN, one of the most interesting bands of the current Italian music scene, with a sound that mixes post-rock and ambient, elettrofolk and indiepop, in a colorful palette of suggestions and harmonies, the result of a kaleidoscopic research that makes it a project voted on the international scene of alternative rock. On 7 July, the notes of the Pink Puffers Brass Band, a force of nature composed of only drum and brass, namely percussion and wind instruments. An explosive mix of funk, jazz and rhythm'n'blues played in a powerful way with marching band attitude. On July 11th Iruna sings to express her vision of the world, mixing bittersweet melodies and soul rhythms to ironically disguise difficult themes such as the acceptance of oneself, loneliness and love.

July 17 will be the turn of Technoir, the duo electro soul / nu jazz that mixes jazz, electronics, soul, improvisation and constant sound research. The Pontius Pilates on 27 July, an orchestra of pirates full of explosives, adventurers of the electrosamba and undisputed masters of the disjointed dance. On August 4, the Uanema Orchestra, eight musicians for a journey through old ballads, old songs, languid blues and wild dances.
The festival is strongly characterized by the atmospheres 30 and 40 of the best Balere Swing, as in a journey through time, recreated with performances, social dance and free dance lessons - Clindy Hop, Shag, Charleston- open to all by the best schools Roman Swing: Swing Dream Factory, Swing Cats, Swing Circus, Swinghous, Swing Feel, Swing School Days, Spirit of St. Louis Rome, Swing & Soda.

News of this edition is the Thursday appointment "The Swing Factor", a real jam session open to incursions of musicians and dancers will handle the repertoire of a great jazz. The jam will be captained by the saxophonist Giorgio Cùscito, consecrated during the Rome Jazz Festival 'Ambassador of the swing in Rome' who will dedicate every appointment to one of the best jazz artists ever for special evenings where the music will live in a magical location, open air under the stars. Do not miss on July 21st, the orchestra composed of 17 elements directed by maestro Carlo Capobianchi, with a repertoire that refers to the great orchestras such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Artie Shaw. On July 29th Luca Filastro, pianist and composer, and his Swing Band, recognizable by his incredible sense of swing, blues and improvisation, in which Stride Piano, Swing, Bebop and Blues are merged into a personal synthesis. The Tuesday of Be Bop Jamaica, a contagious party between traditional jazz and pure love for Jaimacana music, a project created for Aniene Festival in which the resident band guided by the persuasive voice of Tahnee Rodriguez plays with the classics of reggae combining jazz and swing arrangements at Jamaican rhythms.

You can not miss the contagious joy of the Samba ballad and played live, with Giro di pista, an open dance floor to travel south, from Forrò that transports us to South America, but also the folk dances of the center-south Italy with a load of tarantella, pizziche and traditional dancers.
Space for the best Roman comedy of 2018 with Comedy Night, theater improvisation, sketch comedy, stand up comedy for intelligent and counter-current entertainment evenings, with the gags of Ceccovecchi & Storti and Bugiardini. Aniene Festival promotes intelligent gaming in 3 days dedicated to the Board Games, on 7, 14 and 28 July by the Gdtt Roma Nord Group, Legio Capitolina and Gruppo Ludico GOS. The village on the river is family friendly thanks to the contribution of the Mom Festival that will set up a soft corner, a space dedicated to the first and middle childhood. Also present small spaces dedicated to crafts, and the good food and drinks of the excellent restaurant Soul Kitchen that this year will also set up a real open air restaurant with table service and traditional dishes from Puglia.