Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol
the real essence
Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol | the real essence

On 3 October, in the spaces of the Complesso del Vittoriano - Ala Brasini, opens its doors in Rome, an exhibition entirely dedicated to the myth of Warhol, created on the occasion of the ninetieth anniversary of his birth.

His artistic activity has many works, which he produced in series with the help of the silk-screen printing system. His most famous works have become icons: Marilyn Monroe, Mao Zedong, Che Guevara and many others.

Remember the sovereign rulers Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Margaret II of Denmark, Beatrice of the Netherlands, Queen Mother Ntfombi of Swaziland, Princess Diana Spencer and the former Empress of Iran Farah Pahlavi.

Repetition was his method of success: on large canvases he reproduced the same image many times, altering the colors (mostly lively and strong). Taking advertising images of big commercial brands (famous his bottles of Coca-Cola) or images of impact such as traffic accidents or electric chairs, he was able to empty the images he represented by the repetition of the image on a large scale.

The Andy Warhol exhibition is produced and organized by Arthemisia in collaboration with Eugenio Falcioni & Art Motors srl and curated by Matteo Bellenghi.

An exhibition that starts from the artistic origins of Pop Art: in 1962 the genius of Pittsburgh began using screen printing to create the Campbell's Soup series, canned soups that Warhol takes from the shelves of supermarkets to deliver them to the art Olympus.

The exhibition, with its more than 170 works, wants to summarize the incredible life of a character who has changed forever the connotations not only of the art world but also of music, cinema and fashion, tracing a new path and original that radically changed any previous aesthetic definition.

In the future everyone will be famous in the world for 15 minutes...