AAA 'Architects Wanted'

AAA 'Architects Wanted'
AAA 'Architects Wanted'
The urban regeneration of Italy, from North to South, begins with the young
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AAA 'Architects Wanted'
AAA 'Architects Wanted' | The urban regeneration of Italy, from North to South, begins with the young

New opportunities for a sector like that of architecture hit particularly hard by the crisis and whose young talents are often forced to look for work abroad. The fourth edition of AAA architetticercasi is now under way, a competition promoted by Federabitazione-Confcooperative and sponsored by the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, for architects and engineers who are still under 32.

From North to South: different living strategies
Young professionals, ready to accept the challenge, can pit themselves against 4 different regions, from North to South: Milan (Cernusco sul Naviglio), Pescara, Bari and Catania. Each of these areas is an expression of the problems and needs of the different situations to be found throughout Italy, each representing a different version of the possible applications of cooperative living strategies in the building of new urban environments. Candidates are expected to create and present a multidisciplinary design proposal on the various aspects of a cooperative residential complex in one of 4 urban sectors. The themes to be developed for the competition involve hot contemporary issues: urban regeneration, redevelopment of existing building heritage, rediscovery of metropolitan areas, minor centres and urban sprawl and, in addition, a residential dimension that can generate services and virtuous social and economic dynamics locally.

The prizes for the winners

14 thousand Euro - for each of the 4 areas of the Call - is the financial recognition that winners will receive. The selections will lead to the compiling of a list of worthy planners, which the organizers undertake to grant professional assignments to in the field of social and cooperative housing. At the same time AAA architetticercasi undertakes to follow the winners in setting up a professional cooperative.