The strenght of theatre to overcome barriers

Theatre is poetry emerging from a book to become human. (Federico Garcia Lorca)

The cultural association Adynaton was created in 2001 and is the result of Giorgio Spaziani and Emanuela Giovannini’ work. Since then, it has been organizing several initiatives jointly with regional and national bodies, institutions and administrations. The association’s vocation is theatre as a training and educational tool aiming at bringing people together and promoting cultural awareness; it is a civil theatre focusing on social and family unease, whose objective is to spread knowledge of the arts and culture and to make them accessible even to the weakest and most fragile social groups.

In 2008 the Association won the tender Officine Culturali (Cultural Workshops) launched by the Lazio Region, furthermore its social theatre activities started to benefit from the support of the group home Il Fiore del Deserto, which has been hosting since long time underage and young people of different cultures, different ethnic groups and with different socio-cultural conditions. The work in the social theatre is structured in several groups and activities, which result in final shows to be freely staged in associated theatres or in high schools during events dedicated to lawfulness education, prevention of aggressive behaviors and drug addictions. The activities also include the Theatre Lab Casal del Marmo, the Theatre Lab 'In Libertà' (In freedom) and the Officina del teatro Sociale (Social Theatre Workshop).

Theatre Lab in Casal Del Marmo
The Permanent Theatre Lab was established in 1998 and is located in the Youth Detention Center Casal del Marmo in Rome. Thanks to theatre activities which engage  young people involved in criminal proceedings or going through social and family unease, Adynaton plays a very important role, by encouraging and supporting young prisoners, by strengthening  their sense of belonging to community and pushing them to unleash their expressive and communicative potentialities. The work made resulted in several shows which were performed even outside the prison context. Among the shows:  “Pinocchio”, “Nella vita contano i fatti”, “Le cose buone”, “ E lo muto disse”, “Che sia l’amore tutto ciò che esiste”, “Vox populi” and “Il classico dei classici”. 

Theatre Lab 'In Libertà”
While the young actors living in the Detention Centre prepare the shows by attending a course inside the institute, young people subjected to judicial measures different from detention or who have served their term of imprisonment attend a parallel theatre lab outside the institute. Skilled teachers and professional actors support the students while preparing the final show. The lessons take place on a weekly basis and are completely free.

Officina del teatro Sociale (Social Theatre Workshop)
In the Youth Detention Center of Casal del Marmo, besides theatre labs, many other educational and training courses are provided: dance workshops, classes in stagecraft, graphic arts, singing, lighting technology, dressmaking, courses for chefs, waiters and sales personnel. Thanks to its wide-ranging efforts, the association Adynaton can be considered an innovative and multicultural place of artistic dissemination focusing on civil theatre and ensuring it can be accessed and practiced by everyone, regardless of social classes, ethnic groups or social conditions.

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