new opportunities for new ideas
Adottup | new opportunities for new ideas

AdottUp is the Small Industry program in which SMEs apply to become incubators of new ideas. The program stems from the collaboration with Confindustria's Territorial Policies, Innovation and Education Area, Young Entrepreneurs and with experts from System Associations - and aims to promote the encounter between startups with high growth potential and businesses. should an SME adopt a startup? There are at least six good reasons:

  • sharing of services;
  • investment in financial resources;
  • increase of transversal innovation;
  • external R&D investments;
  • increase of its offer system;
  • diversification of its business.

Even startups have advantages for being adopted by an SME:

  • make use of existing services;
  • enrich their skills;
  • rely on available technologies;
  • have financial opportunities;
  • share organizational resources;
  • use existing networks and commercial channels.

The methods of adoption can be mainly of three types: 1 - the sharing of services and assistance (physical spaces, equipped offices, machinery use, equipment use, payroll processing / billing, transport, idea development support, making available of time for the sharing of sector information, managerial and relational support); 2 - commercial and productive partnership. By adopting the startup among its suppliers with collaborative relationships and favorable conditions to promote its birth and growth or among its customers with the possibility of transforming credits into investments / investments; 3 - financial partnership for innovation. Providing financing and risk capital to support a project in exchange for royalties and / or acquiring a share of ownership.

The forms of adoption can be of low formalization (simple agreements and private conventions that regulate individual transactions or exchange of services) and highly formalized (contracts that regulate in detail the type of agreements, mutual benefits and mutual responsibilities).

How to participate: the process of contact and selection can take place in different ways. For startups: submitting the business idea to the Training Workshops site (site where, through registration, you will also find useful materials and online courses). The most convincing ideas are periodically placed in the Showcase of the best ideas and advertised within the Confindustria System for possible adoption. For companies interested in adoption: by checking the presence of interesting startups in the Showcase of the best ideas; or by filling in the special registration form to receive more information on the projects and start, through training workshops, the phase of contact with the startup of interest.