In the Pigneto area, the first Italian 3D printing workshop

It is a centre where projects can be developed and ideas shaped, while the distribution of products runs through an alternative channel based on a network of retail shops located all over Italy. 

As the first 3D Printing Store in Italy, 3DiTALY is a pioneering and experimental workshop which provides creative talents, schools, enterprises and citizens in general with the equipment needed to implement their ideas, thus enabling each user to acquire the required skills to transform ideas into prototypes and products. 

3DiTALY is a place designed for meeting and exchange, is a “melting pot” where tradition is combined with innovation in design, thanks to a technology which is available to everyone, and where several activities are organized: training courses, workshops, lab activities, retail sale of objects made through the 3D printer and sale of 3D printers. In a 3DiTALY Store, research and experimentation are constantly carried out, working both with costumers and technology producers.

3DiTALY boasts many customers, of different kinds: architects, urban planners, designers, makers, bricoleurs, students, professionals, as well as important and famous companies both in Italy and abroad. The mission of the project founders is to enhance design and craftsmanship, two sectors which have always been crucial in making Italy famous worldwide. 3DiTALY introduces a new kind of craftsmanship, which is free, open, eco-friendly and easy.

The showroom is located in the Pigneto area. The lights and installations in the store capture the attention of shoppers, who can access the showroom to test and touch at first hand the 3D technology. The concept behind 3DiTALY comes from the culture “Do It Yourself (DIY)”. “If you can imagine it, you can create it”: that’s 3Ditaly’s motto, so every client’s project and its implementation is to be monitored step-by-step. It’ s the the ‘Internet of Things’, where the atom is the new bit.

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