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18app | bonus for culture

After months, the 500 euro culture bonus officially enters the eighteen year olds who have already downloaded the application and obtained the SPID code and registered and registered for 18app. The new incentive approved by the School Law for those born in 1998 who become adults this year, can finally be requested and used.

The € 500 bonus of 18 years, is nothing but the facilitation that the Government Renzi wanted to introduce with the DL Good School, in order to encourage young people to participate in cultural events. This bonus, therefore, is reserved in 2018, those born in 2000, that is, to those who come of age during this year and who were able to send to perform the procedure for requesting the Spid, Single Public Administration Pin, necessary to request the bonus and to be able to spend € 500 for the purchase of books, tickets for shows, exhibitions, concerts etc.

In order to be able to apply for the bonus, the 18-year-olds must request SPID, the Public Identity System, in order to access the services of the Public Administration, and then the culture bonus, by accessing the appropriate app, and start buying the tickets made available to them by the shop owners participating in the initiative.

To request Spid via 18app and take advantage of the € 500 bonus, you must, Enter the site and select request SPID, the single Pin of the Public Administration.

Required documentation: E-mail address; Mobile phone number; Identity document to be photographed and attached to the application; Health card with fiscal code, to be photographed and attached.

The procedures for the allocation and use of the bonus have been defined with the Decree of the President of the Council 15 September 2016 n.187.

The boys have until June 30th 2018 to register for the Culture Bonus.