180 grams of creativity in a record

180 grams of creativity in a record
180 grams of creativity in a record
Dj sets conquering the local markets
180 grams of creativity in a record
180 grams of creativity in a record | Dj sets conquering the local markets

In 2016 the new creative trend is to conquer popular places and permeate daily life with creativity. The new trend involving Italy, and  ready to reach Europe, is to set up real music sessions in local markets. The vinyl invasion and DJ sets with analogue equipment affects unusual urban spaces. The project is called "180 grams", that is the weight of a vinyl, and has animated the local markets of Salerno, Avellino and the fish market in Bagnoli, from September to now, once a month. The console surrounded by fruits and vegetables has captivated the audience. Buyers and sellers quickly adapted to the music rhythm and grocery shopping has become a sort of choreography. Here is how an unusual sociological experiment starts.

DJ sets with Nu-disco artists

Each event has its detailed schedule: DJ sets plays from opening to closing hours of the markets, with an average of four DJ sets throughout the day. The console take turns artists of Nu-disco, a genre that mixes jazz, soul and funk. The project has been developed by DJ Enzo Iannece aka N-Zino and the project is having a huge success on the web. There is demand everywhere new sessions, from North to South. It was time that the culture of vinyl come out of the clubs.

Next vinyl events

While waiting for the next dates to be announced on the project Fecebook page, the vinyl enthusiasts can go to Novegro Vinyl Expo 2016, an exhibition-market held in February. On May, 7-8, the exhibition will be hosted in the Novegro park. The best players in the vinyl industry will be at the event: Collect Records Vienna, Good Times Alkmaar Netherlands, Number Two Records in Frankfurt, Serrane Nimes, Southern Records of Machern, Roharauer Walding Harald Schmidt and Gerhard Hesse.
On April 9,10, the international trade fair Vinilmania will be held in Milan in Via Mecenate. The event involves 200 exhibitors, mainly from abroad: England, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Belgium and France.
The "Collectibles Music Day", a cultural event dedicated to collectors and music fans sponsored by Regione Lazio will be held in Rome. The Music Day will be the chance to meet exhibitors from Italy and abroad (vinyl records, CDs, posters, magazines, gifts, memorabilia), also meetings with the protagonists of the musical world of yesterday and today, record presentations, books, DVDs and debates on musical themes. Event date: May 22 at the Barcelo Aran Mantegna.

180 grams of creativity in a record