120 lines for a story

120 lines for a story
120 lines for a story
Free to think, free to tell
120 lines for a story
120 lines for a story | Free to think, free to tell

120 lines to tell the world that surrounds us. Because immediacy and spontaneity lay in brevity. This is the aim of the competition "120 lines. Chronicle of a story ", as part of the 2016 program of Civitonica, the great manifestation of culture, created by a young under-30 team that the city of Civita Castellana will host up to May 2017.

The literary contest "120 Lines" offers the possibility of narrating, in a few lines, a topical issue, a true story that takes on new forms and connotations through the pursuit of brevity. Writers who are at least 18 years, residents and non-residents in the Municipality of Civita Castellana, can submit their entry presenting a story necessarily unprecedented, with a maximum length of 4 pages (30 lines of 60 characters excluding punctuation).

How to participate
The stories have to be in PDF format, and uploaded through the appropriate form available on To ensure anonymity, each competitor must enter a PDF files (the elaborate on each page) a 5 characters identification code, consisting of numbers and letters (eg. Ab123 or 1ab23). To confirm the successful file upload, a message will be displayed. Deadline of the competision is January 2017.

All papers presented at "120 CHRONICLE, LINES IN TALE" will be selected by a jury composed of 5 professionals who will choose, at its sole discretion, the names of the 10 finalists.
The ranking of the winners will be published on the website by March 31, 2017 and for the month of May there will be a prize giving ceremony. The stories will then be published in a collection edited by the publishing house Edizioni EMIA.