“A LOGO for...”

“A LOGO for...”
“A LOGO for...”
enhancement and redevelopment of the Pleistocene Museum
“A LOGO for...”
“A LOGO for...” | enhancement and redevelopment of the Pleistocene Museum

The Superintendence for the Colosseum and the central archaeological area promotes the initiative "A LOGO for ...", for primary and secondary schools of first and second degree of the city of Rome, as part of the program of improvement and refurbishing of the Pleistocene Museum of the Polledrara of Cecanibbio. Students are asked to draw a picture to effectively identify the museum in an original way. The most creative and innovative idea will be used for the creation of the new official logo of the Paleontological Museum.

The project started with the aim of involving students to discover the history and socio-cultural values ​​of its territory, making them feel active part of the museum, enhancing creativity, competitiveness and the ability to tell. Participants must submit a paper chart, which should consist of a brief text (max 200 characters) that describes the creative proposal.

The Superintendent makes available to students wishing to participate in the project, information materials through its own website and the opportunity to visit the Museum.
Participation is open to individual classes and / or students representing their schools. Educational institutions wishing to participate in the competition must send by e-mail, by 10 March 2017, the completed registration form to the email address

The works submitted will be evaluated by a committee that will choose the most effective work from both the communication and graphic point of view, based on the elements set out in the notice. All participating students and winners of the competition will receive a certificate of merit and awards will be invited to the event to be held within the month of May 2017. In addition, all the projects submitted by the deadline will be exhibited in a show that will be hosted in the museum of the Polledrara of Cecanibbio.

The deadline for submission is April 28, 2017.

For further details please see the full notice.