“Creative Invasions” in Rieti

“Creative Invasions” in Rieti
“Creative Invasions” in Rieti
A festival to think on social emergencies through art
"Occhio per occhio e il mondo diventa cieco" di Black Reality
“Creative Invasions” in Rieti
“Creative Invasions” in Rieti | A festival to think on social emergencies through art

From 7 to 9 October Rieti hosts RIC Festival - Rieti Creative Invasions.
Now at its third edition, the Festival, produced by the Theatre Association of the municipalities of Lazio, with the support of the City of Rieti and the Culture and Youth Policy Department of Regione Lazio, this year is a real 'invasion 'of emotions and has a look to the little things with care and sensitivity that focuses on the important experience of existence.
During RIC 2016, all the shows and meetings will be entirely devoted to social emergencies of contemporary migrations and the earthquake that hit central Italy on August 24.
Migration, as well as environmental disasters, involves a fundamental transformation of places, urban spaces and the social and cultural meaning of terms like home, hospitality, solidarity and inclusion. These words and concepts related to each other, which will be reflected during the Festival; as solidarity is the basis of the concept of welcoming and recognizing oneself in a place, finding a home becomes vitally important to include the migrant masses and for those who lose their homes, affections, places because of natural disasters.
RIC becomes primarily a Laboratory of Coexistence, which revolves around art and 'exploits' it for many purposes.
Theater, music, performances, installations, workshops and a panel discussion on the role of culture and art in a multicultural society, out of the Eurocentric view of art as a universal and commonly shared value for all, which erases differences, and it is projected to multiculturalism, an open area of ​​continuous contamination.
The Flavio Vespasiano Theatre hosts the biggest events: Inferno di Babilonia (Hell in Babylon) Theatre, Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale, played by actors with disabilities; Amore (Love) by the Scimone Sframeli Company, where all the characters are "old" and the workshop The Book of Blood, a symbolic rewriting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in the light of contemporary forms of social exclusion.
The full schedule of all events on the official website of the Festival.

"Amore" Scimone Sframeli Company