a video to help the environment
"I LIVE GREEN" | a video to help the environment

spra and the European Environment Agency award the best videos to help the environment.
The "I LIVE GREEN" video competition, conceived by ISPRA's NRC for Communication and organized by the European Environmental Agency (EEA) together with the partner network, invites all Europeans to show their creativity and share their actions to help the environment. The best videos will receive a cash prize.

What we eat and buy, how we move or warm our homes, and many other big and small choices have an impact on the environment and our health. In the "I LIVE GREEN" video competition, Europeans can share their green actions through short videos, vote for the best videos and encourage others to do even more. "I LIVE GREEN" focuses on four topics:

Sustainable food, nutritious food is essential for a healthy life. However, food production requires precious resources, such as land and water. Whenever we waste food, we waste these resources too. How to reduce the environmental impact of food on the plate?

Clean air, many economic activities from transport to agriculture release atmospheric pollutants. However, our daily habits can help improve the quality of air and life. What are the choices you make to contribute to cleaner air?

Clean water, our lakes, rivers and seas are subjected to numerous pressures, including climate change and pollution. In many regions across Europe, we use our groundwater reserves faster than they can be replenished How can we help keep water clean and free from pollution?

Minimum waste, the things we buy often have a limited duration, but there are ways to prevent them from going to landfill. Perhaps you can show others a good example of reusing, repairing or recycling something?

The winners of each category, sustainable food, clean air, clean water and minimum waste will receive a cash prize of 1000 euros. The Public Choice award, chosen by online voting, is 500 euros

To participate you must create an original video clip between 30 and 45 seconds in a row relative to one of the four thematic areas indicated in the announcement, following the guidelines in the competition rules;
Prepare a brief descriptive text of up to 1000 characters (preferably in English) to be uploaded together with the video, by March 31, 2018 at the following link.

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